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Boat Renovation Tips: Marine Carpet

Like a home or office, a boat is an extension of its owner. At some point, most boat owners feel the need to renovate their watercraft through a variety of decorative and/or functional changes. Although people often think of hull and deck painting, equipment repair and replacement or accessory installation when talking about boat renovations, new flooring is another option. A brand new carpet can easily provide a personalized and luxurious upgrade without a lot of expense.

Boat Floor Problems

One of the least expensive boat flooring options is carpet installed atop existing floors. Yet, the majority of standard retail carpets for homes, offices and even patios typically can’t handle the harsh outdoor environmental conditions found out on the water. UV radiation, salt, bird droppings, sand, dirt, wind and other elements can quickly damage almost any type of material. And, standard retail carpets are made of materials that easily fade, break down and provide food and moisture for microorganisms. Grease, oil and other staining materials commonly found on boats are also historically difficult to remove from standard carpets. Lastly, these carpets can slide, bunch up and curl even when glued or nailed down, which makes them completely worthless on a heavily used, rocking vessel.

The Marine Solution

Marine carpet is a synthetic option similar to artificial turf that is durable enough for both open and enclosed boat areas. It is made of woven vinyl with or without a short pile. It features a skid-resistant backing that prevents it from moving around after installation, and a textured surface that provides adequate grip to limit the slips and falls associated with bare, wet floors. Marine flooring resists fading caused by UV radiation, remains strong when exposed to high winds and floor traffic and requires little more than scrubbing with a mild soap and water rinse for maintenance to remove debris. It does not provide mold and other microorganisms with an environment that supports their growth. Additionally, it is fire resistant, which means that it will not become fuel in an unchecked boat blaze.

Like other retail carpets, marine flooring is manufactured in a wide range of colors and patterns. It also has a padded support layer that makes it soft enough to walk on in bare feet. Unlike home and office options, marine flooring stays down when glued and some brands even offer a portable solution with hardware that snaps and unsnaps from the floor as needed.

You do not need to repaint your entire boat or invest in expensive fixtures to spruce it up when carpet made for marine situations can do the trick. It is also a good flooring solution for boat docks.